Expert in shop fittings

Pikval is a Finnish shop fittings designer and manufacturer with over half a century of experience in creating stylish, durable and functional shops and stores. Pikval is located at Vaajakoski, Central Finland, offering excellent logistical connections.

Pikval employs around 100 shop fittings experts, and in 2014 had a turnover of approximately euro 19 million. Our business activities comply with the ISO quality and environmental standards.


From Finland to international markets
Pikval’s story began in Central Finland in the 1950s. Already at an early stage, midway through the 1950s, shop fittings became the company’s main line of business.  Pikval was the first in Finland to develop a system of metal shop fittings.

Pikval was part of the fittings industry of Oy G. W. Sohlberg Ab (GWS) from the early 1970s until 2005 when the management together with Panvest Oy bought a majority holding in GWS Pikval Oy. By restoring the original company name Pikval Oy returned to its roots in Central Finland. Since the end of 2011 a fund managed by the Finnish venture capitalist Profita Management Oy has acted as majority shareholder and members of management and board of directors as minority shareholders.

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