A changing business environment calls for forerunners

Pikval strengthens its operations in Finland and Sweden to meet the challenges the retail trade is facing in a changing and developing environment. New Sales Director for Finland Salla Gantsi has been appointed Sales Director at Pikval as of August … Lue lisää »

Case: Nahkapaikka leather goods store

Focusing on appealing display and well-functioning shop fittings The Nahkapaikka store is located in Tuuri in Central Finland. The store mainly sells shoes and bags, and additionally a selected range of confectionary. The area of the store before expansion was … Lue lisää »

Pikval Showroom

Pikval’s new showroom allows you to take a peek into the future – the new innovative solutions on show give a foretaste of what stores and shops will be like in the future. Digitalization of in-store advertising and marketing and … Lue lisää »

pikval.com – Finland’s largest online store for shop fittings

For providing better service to our customers pikval.com is Pikval’s online store for shop fittings, operated at the address www.pikval.com. The store which was successfully opened in 2014 is the largest of its kind in Finland. The online service was … Lue lisää »

Pikval’s Digital Signage shop fittings for appealing and effective display of audio visual marketing content in your store

Pikval’s Digital Signage shop fittings provide an easy way to bring audio, video, scrolling images, or advertisements to your store. By integrating media content in shop fittings it is easy to create appealing and attractive shopping spaces to guide your … Lue lisää »