We take environment into account both in production and in designing shop fittings

We take environmental effects of our products into account. In addition to fulfilling basic environmental standards, we have been putting effort into efficient waste treatment, testing of more environmentally friendly materials, recycling of used and surplus material, more efficient heating systems and energy saving solutions in our own premises.

In our annual environmental program, we state topical issues to be dealt with during that year.

High-quality products have long life cycles
The high quality of our shop fittings do not only guarantee stylish and usable solutions, but also durability year after year. By designing all fittings modular and versatile, they can be easily used for many different purposes. Durable materials ensure that you can alter and use the same furniture for a longer period of time, thus lowering its environmental impact.


Sustainable Development

Pikval is investing in more ecological manufacturing and products

We in Pikval will invest in decreasing harmful environmental impacts of production and end products in many ways. This is our way to increase green acts in society.

Pikval Ltd has certified both the quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management system (ISO 14001). In addition we will report annually of our operations according to our environmental license and we participate in the Motiva’s energy efficiency program in order to improve energy efficiency on the national level in Finland. In our own environmental program we will set goals and follow up progress during the year.

Motiva´s energy efficiency program

Reducing waste amount and harmfulness

All our furniture is planned according to the product life cycle. Durable and qualified materials will ensure product’s long lifetime, which will be supported by modular structure. The same furniture is possible to modify for several purposes over time. Our products can also be recycled, thus we will reduce the amount of waste in every stage of the product life cycle.

We will choose the most possible environment-friendly raw materials into our manufacturing.  Additionally we will control the chemicals used in production and we will follow up and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from thinners.

Used materials into the efficient reuse or recycling

According to the producer liability we will take responsibility of the reuse of our packages.  Our products will be packed in different production stages, among others, in cardboard containers, which will be reused later in the delivery. Besides the waste thinner coming from painting process, will be purified and delivered back to the painting process. Paper and cardboard waste from the office and manufacturing will be collected and recycled as raw material. Furthermore metal waste from production will be collected and refined as well.

Non-reusable production waste into the power generation

Saw dust arising from production will be transported to be burned in the nearest district heat and power plant. Also the other energy waste, suitable for power generation, will be collected and transported for burning. Pure leftover wood will be given to own personnel to be used in heating or other purposes. Heat recovery based on the production process will be used in heating of the own premises. The heat recovery is used also from the exhaust air of the premises.

Producing minimum amount of landfill waste

We will reduce landfill waste due to effective sorting and we will take care of our hazardous waste by storing them right and safe before disposal. We will use for waste disposal only reliable partners who will be responsible of the safe environment from their side.



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