Turning good designs into real life

Our concept and shop design stands for the design and technical design of the shop and shop fittings, which reflect the client’s brand and display needs. In close cooperation with our client, we forge their business idea and their customers’ needs – what is a good shopping experience like for the customer and for the employyes – into a functional, stylish and productive space.

Together with architects and designer agencies, we create and implement concepts, layouts and furnitures for these stores as well as public spaces such as libraries and offices.

Aesthetics with technical precision
With a good shop design, the shop space can be made as profitable as possible. Visual stimuli and the ease of buying give support to the customer’s purchasing decision. The coming together of the flow of customers and products in a shop will transpire in a pleasant but effective way throughout the entire day. The shop layout can be quickly and easily altered for to suit the different seasons.

Our customers are able to get a realistic view of their new shops even before coming to a decision; they will receive 3D modelings of the furnishing solutions, their variations, the shop’s visual elements and display alternatives. With the help of the pictorial elements and the product catalogue, the look and display based on the concept can be duplicated in the different-sized spaces of the chain clearly and quickly.



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