With decades of experience

Shop fittings design and manufacturing combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative design and latest technolocigal solutions. We help all types of stores come to life – from clothing and cosmetics shops to grocery, book, tool and toy stores.

With our own factory with metal and wood work experts we can ensure supply, cost-effectiveness and quality of our products. In recent years, we have invested in new technolgies anf equipment to make production more flexible and versatile for the changing needs of our customers.

Wood, metal and paint coating under our own roof 
Our wood department specializes in industrial manufacturing of products made from different types of boards. The use of the surface treatment lines, you can choose your any colour from the extensive selection of laminates and veneers for your shop fittings. And when needed, our carpenters will also make custom-made furniture solutions.

The metal department specializes in sheet metal and steel pipe products. In addition to solutions that can be adapted for many uses, customized designs are also part of the everyday routine. Automated production lines enable the production of large volumes on a short time schedule.

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