Versatile solutions for product presentations.

Our standard selection includes accessories for modifying displays for different fields and products. The comprehensive accessories range iscompatible with all of the cross-bars, slat wall back panels, perforated and Zolo back panels and adjustment pipes on our furnishing systems.

Panel & Zolo. For versatile mass displays and eye focus points.
Build horizontal displays with multifaceted eye focus points for clothes, shoes, accessories and other special trade products. Zolo is made out of steel, and the surface of this fire-proof system can be modified with wood imitation, printed images and different types of taping.


Cross bars. Functional solutions for variable hanging displays.
Excellent for a stylish and easily transformable presentation of clothing and other products. Plenty of options for eye-catching front and side displays.


Perforated backpanel. For compact presentation of small items.
The perfect choice for a compact presentation of large amount of smaller items. With  versatile accessories you can easily modify the presentation and make different items all stand out clearly in your store.


Take a closer look at our accessories in our product catalog!

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