Versatile solutions for product presentations.

Our standard selection includes accessories for modifying displays for different fields and products. The comprehensive accessories range iscompatible with all of the cross-bars, slat wall back panels, perforated and Zolo back panels and adjustment pipes on our furnishing systems.

Shelves. Standard ensembles with many material options.
For a varied presentation, we provide standard width steel, wire, wood, glass
and canopy shelfs.


Info and image frames. Tools for sharing info and creating a unique look.
A customer-friendly store presents all information in a precise and alluring manner. With image frames you can create impressive visual elements and eye focus points.


Lights. Ensure your customers’ attention.
A well designed and executed lighting is the finishing touch on a successful product presentation. Choose the right lighting solution for your shop fittings store from our selection of traditional fluorescent lamps and modern energyefficient LED lights.


Take a closer look at our accessories in our product catalog!


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