For productive display and floor area usage.

Our standard fitting systems are durable and they can be adapted to different visual needs and presentation possibilitities. The fittings are made with compatible dimensions and have suitable components for different load requirements.

Basic system. Modular fittings system for the versatile needs of retail.
Footed fittings system, which stands the weight loads of daily consumer goods and hardware without being attached to a wall. Comes with high or low foot. Plenty of different accessory and presentation possibilities.


Basic wall. Lighter solution to complement the basic system.
By choosing different panels, casings and graphic elements, you can easily
modify the basic wall to fit the look you want. Attached either to a wall or use as a partitioning wall element between different sections by adding end modules to the basic wall.


Light wall. Fast & cost-effective shop fitting.
It seems light but has a sturdy metal framework. The choice for quick projects, as you can install the wall straight to loadbearing wall structures and install all data strips without using any tools.


Gondola. The versatile option for mid-floor spaces.
A mid-floor furniture with plenty of wood panel, profile and casing options tfor
modifying its look. All our accessories fit the Gondola and it is easily movable, required only a small storage area and needs to tools for modifications.


Take a closer look at the fittings systems in our product catalog!


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