For the efficient presentation of clothes.

Garment rails are an effective sales tool. Products are at an arm’s reach and the rails can be placed along the customer’s path. Products are presented in two directions or on a straight horizontal rail in trendy color combinations. To speed up the purchasing decision, product and price information can be attached to the rails.

Effortless use, safety and multiple modifying possibilities are the key features of this garment rail selection. The height can be easily adjusted, and each rail can be accessorized with data strips and product info frames. The accessories and the rail’s upright are chrome-plated. A covering plate and castors can be fixed on the foot frame.

Lightweight garment rails to complete the display
Lightweight garment rails are excellent for the efficient and appealing display of lighter clothes and accessories. The look and hanging possibilities are easy to modify for different kinds of products – simply adjust the hangers to the preferred height. You can also attach castors onto the lightweight garment rail, and make the rail easy to move even without taking off the products on display.


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